Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol (bleh!)

OK, so I've been a fan of American Idol since the first episode of the first season. And in all honesty this season has been my least favorite ever. Despite all the hype that the level of talent this year is the "best ever." I'm just not seeing it. It's funny because the powers that be seem to have tried to "stack the deck" with a slew of almost beens and people who had their share of experience and can't really be considered amateurs. There's a very good article over on Vote For The Worst that details just how much the producers tried to force fed us people (e.g. Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook) who have failed at previous attempts to become pop stars. The funny thing is, the most original and talented of the bunch is David Cook, who from what I can see is the only one who would qualify as an undiscovered talent.


Anonymous said...

This season of AI is BORING! I don't care who wins or gets voted off, didn't even bother watching. Will this be the final season?
I like your new template even though I am a closet Mets fan from way back ;)

girl with a flower tattoo said...

i never watched any of the American Idol shows before this season, and I have to say that I am very disapointed. Terribly dull. I think David Cook should win. He's a rockstar and is the most interesting to watch. Musicians need stage presence and from what I've seen, he's the only one encompassing the total package.