Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol (bleh!)

OK, so I've been a fan of American Idol since the first episode of the first season. And in all honesty this season has been my least favorite ever. Despite all the hype that the level of talent this year is the "best ever." I'm just not seeing it. It's funny because the powers that be seem to have tried to "stack the deck" with a slew of almost beens and people who had their share of experience and can't really be considered amateurs. There's a very good article over on Vote For The Worst that details just how much the producers tried to force fed us people (e.g. Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook) who have failed at previous attempts to become pop stars. The funny thing is, the most original and talented of the bunch is David Cook, who from what I can see is the only one who would qualify as an undiscovered talent.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Weekend and Song Lyric Sunday is back :D

So it's been a rather eventful weekend. We went to Eli's first birthday yesterday and his baptism this morning. It was a lot of fun and we got to spend a lot of time with some folks we had seen in quite a while. Keep an eye on Our Adoption Story for pictures cause I'm sure his parents will have some up soon.

I updated my playlist and it's got like 50 songs in it now, so take a listen and let me know what you think. If you happen to hear something that doesn't sound like the song it's supposed to be, please let me know!

Speaking of songs, Song Lyric Sunday is back, at least for this week. In all honesty I'll be hugely surprised if anybody but J.C. gets this one. J.C., I'm pretty sure you probably know it, but at least give everyone a day or two to get it before you answer :D

I came to see you one more time
I came to say goodbye
I missed you though you came to me
I felt you in the air
The smile of your spirit
The glory of your soul
Aren't you so happy to be free
And flying in the air

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Cleaning

OK, figured it was time for a change on the ole blog so I thought I'd try out Yankees template. Since, it is like baseball season and stuff. Enjoy

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Love You More

For the longest time I honestly thought I would never find the "one for me." Friends had said you'll know when you find her, but I was in my mid-30's and had pretty much given up when I met Shasta and by our second date I knew she was it :D It's been 3 wonderful years and I don't know how it's possible but I think I fall more in love with her each. She continues to amaze me in every way. I love you so much muffin!!!

One of the reason we picked April 23 was because it was close to my fathers b-day. He would have been 64 on April 22. I'm sure he would more than approve of muffin and that mom has filled him in on how wonderful their daughter-in-law is. So happy birthday Dad!!!

Dem's muh boyz (and girl) :D

Just a quick shout out to my nephews Kyle and Kullen. Kyle is 12 and has been playing baseball since he was little. Well last night he hit his first 2 over the fence home runs!!! Not only did he hit 2 home runs, he pitched 5 innings and struck out 12! Kullen is 7 and just started soccer this year and scored his first goal on Saturday. Not only are the good athletes, they are good kids and I'd be proud of them even if they never hit another home run or scored another goal. Just like I'm proud of my other nephews Johnathon, Justin, and Cody and my niece Cassie.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Guess who's 1 today!!!

Today is Lilybet's 1st birthday. She really is a sweetie, she can be very standoffish and skittish, especially around new people and she probably doesn't weigh more than 6 lbs but when Aslan gets on her bad side she really does wear him out. She never barks at people, only Aslan, and she is completely house broken. She is definitely a house dog and any time spent outside other than going potty is a waste of her time and she is completely content cuddled at Mommy or Daddy's feet while they watch TV. HAPPY B-DAY Lilybet!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Go Vote, like um now!!!!

My friends in Sunday Obsession have entered themselves in the National Young Guns competition for bands with high school age members. You can vote twice a day and starting at midnight on 4/16/08 you can vote once an hour. Click HERE and select best if you wanna help them out. You can also check out their MySpace for gigs and such. I'm sure they would very much appreciate the support.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Couple Things

First of all, I'm watching Idol and does anybody know who dressed Paula??? What the heck is the deal with that top? It looks like it's 2 sizes too small and somethings gonna pop out of it any second!

So we went to Hershey Park on Saturday and I was major disappointed. The last time I went there was this really neat coffee shop by the main gates that sold this awesome Hershey's Chocolate whole bean coffee that I have been wanting to get more of for the past 5 years or so. Well the coffee shop is now a stinkin Dunkin Donuts and the coffee is apparently no where to be found in the park. The good thing was we spent several hours at Chocolate World and found several flavors of Hershey Kisses that we either haven't been able to find or have never had. Including Cherry Cordial and Chocolate Marshmallow, both of which are wayyyy awesome.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Happiest, Saddest, Funniest

Mom's funeral was Weds. and a friend said afterward that it was "Happiest, Saddest, Funniest" funeral she had ever been too. I'd have to agree, we really wanted to celebrate Momma's life and the fact that she is at home now and I think we had a service that she would have loved. The music was great, the words shared were perfect and it truly was funny, happy and sad at the same time. I feel the need to say thank you to sooooo many people but in all honesty there is no way I could remember everyone or that words could express the depth of my gratitude.

As for me, it gets better daily I think. I miss her and that will not change, but I remember more of the good each day and let the emotions come when they want to. We picked up my mother-in-law Flo in Pennsylvania yesterday morning and she is going to stay the next few weeks to help around the house. She really is a blessing and it's nice to have just her presence around the house. I see in her a lot of the qualities that attracted me to her daughter and am thankful to God for extending my family to include her.

Weather permitting, we are headed to Hershey Park tomorrow with my brother and his family. My nephews have never been to an amusement park and this will not only allow them to go, it will allow us to spend some time together before they head back to Tennessee. It has been a blessing having them here and we truly have enjoyed our time together. Admittedly, I wish it would have been under better circumstances but any time Momma saw her boys together she was happy and we know she's ecstatic now.

There are several blogs you should check out that have written kind words about Mom. I know she was very special to me, but the fact that she was so special to so many is at times overwhelming and Y'all make me cry :D.

Eccentric Ramblingz
(my wife's blog) posted 2 wonderful blogs. I am grateful and thankful that God not only provided me with a wonderful wife but provided Mom an incredible daughter-in-law who loved her like her own mother.

Intrigue/Passion/Rebellion My friend Becky's blog. I found this blog comforting in that Becky and sooo many others shared in my family's suffering on Saturday and are now rejoicing in her "Forever."

My friend Julie did 2 posts
A touching and appropriate scrapbook page

And this one

And Keet did this one, which might be the one Momma would have liked the most because it talks about food.

Many thanks to each of you, and if I missed one please, please let me know. It does my heart so good to read them.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


My house is quiet now, save for the breeze blowing through the windows and soft music in the background. It's actually kind of nice, the days have been hectic but filled with happy memories and of course some tears.

Martin got into town this morning, so all of Momma's boys are together and I'm sure she's smiling. We had a small private viewing this afternoon and it was actually a happy time. After the viewing we had dinner together and shared memories, smiles and laughter about the sweetest, most beautiful woman we know. I couldn't help but notice that she looks so peaceful and I know she's resting. The past 2 months were not at all restful for her, mainly because she was not at home in her bed. But we know now that she is AT HOME resting at the feet of the One whose scars paid for that home. While I miss her terribly, there is not an ounce of me that wants her back here because I know she is pain free, her body is whole and she is worshipping her precious Savior.

Thank you all for the kind words, thoughts and prayers. I hope to see many of you tonight at the viewing or the funeral tomorrow. If I choke up while talking about her, just give me a second and I'll be fine.