Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hits And Misses

Ok, first things first. The final 8 guys on American Idol were less than spectacular. Chris Sligh was the best of the bunch and Sanjaya and Phil were dang near horrible. If there's any justice they'll both go home. Watching the women right now and here's a run down. Jordin opened with a great Pat Benatar. Sabrina, Stephanie, and Haley were alright but not spectacular. Antonella was better than her past performances but that's not saying much. Lekisha sang "I Have Nothing" and just tore it up. Gina Glackson did a good job on "Call Me When Your Sober" and is shaping up to be the female Chris Daughtry. And Melinda Dolittle just sang her butt off on "I'm A Woman." So this is looking like a two woman race for the title. The amazing thing about the two of them is neither seems to realize how good she is.