Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Here we go again

Well I been slacking, so you guys can feel free to chew me out.

Muffin and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary this past Sunday. We spent the weekend at a Bed and Breakfast in New Jersey and went into NYC on Saturday. We caught and Yankees game. Seriously guys how many wives would suggest going to Yankees game on your first anniversary weekend??? Can y'all even begin to fathom how much I love this woman!!!! Feel free to throw up now :D

If you're like me you're fed up with gas prices that are rising with no end in sight. The most frustrating thing is that since I was in school they've been talking about ethanol as the fuel of the future but that's all it's been is talk. Seriously why are we still dragging out butts on that. Ethanol would give us control of our own energy source and it would also go along toward revitalizing the farming industry. We really need to stop kissing Saudi butt and do something to more money back in the average Americans pocket.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Don't hate the playa....

Well, well, well it seems my affection for my co-workers struck a nerve with a few of you. Say what you will but I stand by what I said. I feel the same way about my family and friends in that I don't get to see them nearly as often as I'd like. As for reading Oprah, c'mon it took me 3 months to get through the last Dekker novel, what makes you think I had time to read Oprah???!!! hehehe And to be honest you guys can say or think what you want. Because I can still get up at 8:55, log into work by 9, put in my 8 hours, log out at 6 and I'm already home. All I'll say is don't hate the playa, hate the game cause my management is more than happy with me working from home.

Now for something completely unrelated. I found Sugar Free Full Throttle at Weis today!!!! I dunno why but this stuff is extremely difficult to find. Before today I had found it at exactly 2 locations. Well I bought 5 of them today and 4 of them are chilling in my fridge. The other one was quite tasty. Of the overpriced sugar free energy drinks Full Throttle is my fave. It tastes way better than the others and definitely packs a punch.

Dana, tell Kyle to hang in there and it'll come to him. Make sure he knows Uncle D, Aunt Shasta and Grandma are pulling for him all the way up in here in WV!!!!

Bands/Artists I Miss:
The Prayer Chain
Seven Day Jesus
Rich Mullins
Burlap to Cashmere
Julie Miller

Friday, April 07, 2006

Strictly for my peeps

Alright, well time to check in with y'all. Feeling really good today. Went into the office for the day and got to hang out with some of my co-workers that I don't get to see nearly often enough. For those of you who don't know I am blessed in that I am a full time telecommuter. I got my annual performance review and I was very pleased with it. We're also doing a biggest loser type of competition at the office so I got to go work out over lunch with a couple of my co-workers and I surprised myself with how well I did running the mile on the treadmill and the elliptical and I totally sucked at crunches, push-ups and dips. But those things will all be better the next time we do them I can promise you that. Weight Watchers has been going well, at last weigh in I had lost 19.5 lbs. I skipped last weeks weigh in cause I just couldn't focus so I've re-doubled my efforts and am feeling much more confident about this week.

Buster and I went to see V for Vendetta the other night and as a movie it's good. It had the typical "The US war on terror and conservative values are to blame for the worlds ills" subplot, but if you can get past that it actually is a decent story with good acting. It is a bit violent so parents you have been warned.

So my church's youth group is going to the Philadelphia Acquire the Fire Battle Cry event in May. Yes this is the same event that was held in San Francisco and condemned as being "fascist" by the the city leadership. Their reasoning went something like 'We're condemning this because we're tolerant.' Yeah, I bet they didn't condemn, the extra tax revenue, profits, etc. that 25,000 teenagers brought to the city over that weekend. It's amazing how bigoted and intolerant those on the politically correct side of the aisle can be when it comes to Christians.

Muffin and I are gonna check out Ice Age 2: The Meltdown tonight and I am so looking forward to it. I'm in the mood to laugh and Skrat always makes me chuckle

Currently -
House - Ted Dekker/Frank Peretti. I actually finished Showdown, great book you should definitely check it out
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Plumb - Choatic Resolve
DJ Maj - BoogiRoot
V for Vendetta

Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring is here

You know it's spring when:
You can get Peeps at the grocery store.
You can get Italian Ice at Rita's.
You can watch the Yankees play.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


So Muffin and I went shopping tonite and both of the stores we went to have those nice, convenient self checkout lines. Only they weren't so nice and convenient tonite. I fail to understand why most stores close these lanes down late at night. It seems to me that these lanes would be the most handy when you have less staff available, because you can have one staff member monitoring all the self checkout lanes instead of having one cashier per checkout lane. But for some reason both the grocery store we went to and Wal-Mart shut them down after about 9pm and instead you get to wait in a nice long line and have your purchases rung up by an extrafriendly cashier who is more than happy to do so. Now if you happen to work retail and can provide a legitimate reason as to why stores do this, please post a comment and enlighten me.

And I also just found outXM is moving The Torch off their channel line up and make it an internet, AOL and DirecTV only option, which sucks cause the main reason I choose XM over Sirius was because they offered a better selection of Christian programming in general and The Torch specifically. Well I guess I can be thankful that I have Dish Network and can listen to Sirius Revolution there.

Currently -
Showdown by Ted Dekker (only about 100 pages left). It really is a great book, I've just having trouble making time to read it
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Shannon Brown - Corn Fed
Creed - Greatest Hits
Plumb - Choatic Resolve
Inside Man - good movie, language is a bit rough though