Saturday, April 01, 2006


So Muffin and I went shopping tonite and both of the stores we went to have those nice, convenient self checkout lines. Only they weren't so nice and convenient tonite. I fail to understand why most stores close these lanes down late at night. It seems to me that these lanes would be the most handy when you have less staff available, because you can have one staff member monitoring all the self checkout lanes instead of having one cashier per checkout lane. But for some reason both the grocery store we went to and Wal-Mart shut them down after about 9pm and instead you get to wait in a nice long line and have your purchases rung up by an extrafriendly cashier who is more than happy to do so. Now if you happen to work retail and can provide a legitimate reason as to why stores do this, please post a comment and enlighten me.

And I also just found outXM is moving The Torch off their channel line up and make it an internet, AOL and DirecTV only option, which sucks cause the main reason I choose XM over Sirius was because they offered a better selection of Christian programming in general and The Torch specifically. Well I guess I can be thankful that I have Dish Network and can listen to Sirius Revolution there.

Currently -
Showdown by Ted Dekker (only about 100 pages left). It really is a great book, I've just having trouble making time to read it
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Shannon Brown - Corn Fed
Creed - Greatest Hits
Plumb - Choatic Resolve
Inside Man - good movie, language is a bit rough though