Friday, April 04, 2008

Happiest, Saddest, Funniest

Mom's funeral was Weds. and a friend said afterward that it was "Happiest, Saddest, Funniest" funeral she had ever been too. I'd have to agree, we really wanted to celebrate Momma's life and the fact that she is at home now and I think we had a service that she would have loved. The music was great, the words shared were perfect and it truly was funny, happy and sad at the same time. I feel the need to say thank you to sooooo many people but in all honesty there is no way I could remember everyone or that words could express the depth of my gratitude.

As for me, it gets better daily I think. I miss her and that will not change, but I remember more of the good each day and let the emotions come when they want to. We picked up my mother-in-law Flo in Pennsylvania yesterday morning and she is going to stay the next few weeks to help around the house. She really is a blessing and it's nice to have just her presence around the house. I see in her a lot of the qualities that attracted me to her daughter and am thankful to God for extending my family to include her.

Weather permitting, we are headed to Hershey Park tomorrow with my brother and his family. My nephews have never been to an amusement park and this will not only allow them to go, it will allow us to spend some time together before they head back to Tennessee. It has been a blessing having them here and we truly have enjoyed our time together. Admittedly, I wish it would have been under better circumstances but any time Momma saw her boys together she was happy and we know she's ecstatic now.

There are several blogs you should check out that have written kind words about Mom. I know she was very special to me, but the fact that she was so special to so many is at times overwhelming and Y'all make me cry :D.

Eccentric Ramblingz
(my wife's blog) posted 2 wonderful blogs. I am grateful and thankful that God not only provided me with a wonderful wife but provided Mom an incredible daughter-in-law who loved her like her own mother.

Intrigue/Passion/Rebellion My friend Becky's blog. I found this blog comforting in that Becky and sooo many others shared in my family's suffering on Saturday and are now rejoicing in her "Forever."

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Many thanks to each of you, and if I missed one please, please let me know. It does my heart so good to read them.