Thursday, May 01, 2008

Couple Quick Things

First, the Song Lyric for this week was from the song "So Wonderful" by the band Undercover, the lead singer wrote it after going to his grandmothers (if memory serves me) funeral. It's long been a favorite of mine and when my mom passed it was one of the first songs that came to mind.

With regards to David Cook being undiscovered; I was told tonight that he has released a single at some point? I can't find any verification of this anywhere so if anyone has anything on this let me know. Independent, myspace, youtube and American Idol iTunes downloads don't really count.

And I've already ranted enough in the past about my growing disdain for Paula that I'm just not even gonna comment about THIS MESS


momahall said...

Interesting you mention Undercover. I was searching on for their "God Rules" song to add to my playlist. I finally figured out how to use it and added it to my blog. But they don't have the song...bummer. At least I got some old Petra and Steve Taylor....