Friday, January 04, 2008


Ok, well I decided I wanted a new look for the blog so I made a few changes. Let me know what y'all think. I added a play list from FineTune, just click the play button the widget to the right and enjoy some tunes while you surf. Of course you'll have to open a new tab but it's worth it :D

So I finally got Kathie her prize for winning the Song Lyric Sunday contest. The really cool thing was when I called Brian from Black Dog to order her coffee he said "since it was for a contest, I'll just donate the coffee." Which is yet another reason to recommend that you coffee lovers send business their way. Not only is the coffee very good, but every time I've bought or ordered from them it's been an awesome experience.

Now for a couple of sports rants:

1. How about those Mountaineers? I will admit that prior to the Fiesta Bowl I honestly thought beating Oklahoma would difficult at best. Especially after their dismal showing against Pitt and with the coaching turmoil of December. Well, boy did they prove me and a lot of other folks wrong. The best part may have been the calls back and forth with my brother and nephew in Tennessee. They mostly went "DID YOU SEE THAT!!!???" We do that alot when watching sports and my wife finds it hilarious.

2. I have mixed feelings about the Mitchell Report regarding performance enhancing drugs in baseball. I think it's sad that already exceptional athletes feel they need to add an edge to their already exceptional talent. But it's hard to trust the credibility of the report since George Mitchell is a paid executive of the Boston Red Sox. The words conflict of interest come to mined. It's even harder to trust when there are no positive tests cited and the 2 witnesses that are testifying, are doing so to avoid legal trouble. I read today that congress plans to call Roger Clemens and several of the other players named in the report to testify. Excuse me, but how in the heck is this important enough to warrant a congressional inquiry. Why not investigate gas price fixing, lowering taxes or any of the million other things that actually have an impact on the average person in this country?


jewlsntexas said...

Okay - love the new template - and will enjoy the playlist later when I have a minute - cause I'm sure it's good - BUT - you totally lost me at the sports rant - all I read was blah blah blah, bluhbluhbluh blah blah blah. Go back to yakking about coffee and music! hee hee
Love you anyway!

Shasta said...

Love the new look!! I might listen to the playlist but am enjoying mine at the current moment. hehe!
It was hilarious listening them call each other back and forth. It was almost a here's your sign conversation as they were all three watching it so unless one sneezed and missed something then of course they saw it. It is neat tho to see or hear them talking back and forth like that with so much excitement.
As for the whole Mitchell report, I'm bored with it. Like you said there are way more important things needing investigated!

Big Red Driver said...

Your new look is adorable...just like you. Don't know anything about the WVU game but I heard from someone that you looked marvelous in a blue Mountaineer sweatshirt the other day.

Kathie said...

I really like the layout. Love the music. I haven't broke the coffee out yet, I'm going to do it when my morning isn't so hectic and I can sit and enjoy and savor every sip of it (can you say NEVER, but I'll see what I can do soon.) As for the sports sorry, I'm with Julie.

AOWTNVols said...

New look is cool, and the music player is awesome. Maybe one of these days the family and I will start a blog, dunno!
How bout dem 'Eers, Oklahoma who?
Tell my sista in law, she knows all about my sign! lol
Anyway, give that poor soul JC my e-mail addy so I can rag on him and show him some real Bass!
Tons of Love from Tennessee Bro.

AOWTNVols said...

Oh yeah, BTW, when are you going to start playing COD with us? Don't start playing unless 1) you're willing to become addicted and 2) you can take a spankin' and keep a good attitude!!!!! WOOT!!

Kathie said...

Where did you go?