Saturday, January 26, 2008

Can't Have Nuthin'

My friend JC will immediately recognize the title of this post, because well, it's like his favorite saying ever. We used to tease him that we were gonna have "He never had nuthin" engraved on his tombstone. I took mom to a vascular surgeon this week and as I usually do I take a book to read while I'm waiting on her to finish her visit. I've been reading Comes A Horseman by Robert Liparulo and was about 10 pages from the finish when she finished. So I collect our stuff, got in the car and headed out. I get home and look in the back of the car and my book isn't there. I had left it at her doctors, in Hagerstown!!! 10 PAGES FROM THE END!!! One of the first things that popped into my head was JC saying "can't have nuthin." and I chuckled. Fortunately one of the office staff realized it was mine and put it behind the desk. I can pick it up next Tuesday when she goes for her MRI.

A music recommendation for you. If you have any appreciation of rap/hiphop music you really should check Of Gods and Girls by Mr. J. Medeiros. It's a very good album and the song Constance is one of those songs that really deserves to be a hit but probably won't get played on mainstream radio because it's too Christian and Christian radio won't touch it because it deals with child porn.


Shasta said...

That song is a good song and the video is good as well. Do check it out!

Jamison C. Jennings said...

still sayin' it, but I usually follow it up with "Jesus Died on a Cross".
sets me straight every time.

Becky said...

Wow that's intense. Makes me want to cry. Phew.