Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My mom is not doing well right now, we rushed her to the emergency room last night and tonight they are moving her from the hospital she's currently in to one that is better equipped to handle her problems. I did get to meet with her doctor tonight and she pointedly told me that mom is very sick. The list is long and the situation is such that need to try and clear up one thing so they can treat another. I really do believe God is sovereign and am trusting him (be it through gritted teeth) and his will right now. I know he can heal and will heal her the question is will the healing come to her physical body or will she be completely healed and receive the new body and reward that is awaiting her? Please pray for strength for Mom, Shasta (she truly is my rock and I would have come apart at the seams today if not for her), me and the rest of my family. My brother Dana is scheduled to fly in tomorrow evening and at least he will be able to be here with us for how ever this plays out. So pray for safe travel for him.


jewlsntexas said...

I am so glad Dana is on his way home.
Dwayne - I don't know what to say except that I am overwhelmed with love and concern.
Please give Ruth a kiss for me when you see her next.

Keet said...

Please tell Mama D I love her & she promised to show me the dogs so to snap out of it. Don't make me come over there, Mrs. D! Please give Shasta a hug too, I love you guys. If you need any help on feeding/walking dogs or anything else, you got it. Love and prayers,
T. Whit

Tina said...

Still prayin' here too!