Friday, July 13, 2007

Yum Yum

So after church last night Muffin and I went to Glory Days Grill. Which is quickly moving up the list of my favorite places to eat. Cause y'all know I like to eat and the more places available for me to eat at, well the better life is! They have great food, like the Vermonter sandwich which is an open face sandwich with raisin bread, apple butter, Vermont ham, sliced apples and melted cheddar cheese that you have to try to realize just how good it is. They also have the Warm Cookie Sundae (they will have this in heaven, oh yes they will). You can can also watch any number of events while you eat. Why is this a big deal you ask? Well because they have this really neat sports selector thingymabobber that allows you to also listen to whatever you happen to be watching. Last night it happen to be the Yankees - Devil Rays game on this humangous screen. So we had really good food, got to watch a Yankees win and spend some time together. All in all that makes for a really good evening.