Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random Stuph 07/17

Let's catch up shall we...

This Saturday the youth group I teach sponsored a work day to help out a local single mom who owns a farm. Now, farming and computer geek are not two words that exactly go together. And I always joke that these are days when I'm reminded why I'm in the field I'm in. We had between 20-30 ppl show up and we actually accomplished quite a lot. It was nice to hear the owner on her cell with a friend saying things like "you won't believe how good it looks." And that was when we were only about 3/4 of the way through. I know teens get disparaged for a lot of things (some of which is justified) but I gotta give props to my youth group for the work they did Saturday.

Muffins mom and step dad are over the road truckers who make runs nationwide and literally never know where they are gonna be from one week to the next. This can make spending time with them very difficult. Typically we'll get a call informing us that they'll be somewhere relatively close by and then we'll make plans to get together with them for a couple of hours to just have a meal, catch up and spend some time together. Well Friday Muffin got word that they would be about 45 mins from us. So we meet them at a truck stop today and spent most of the day with them. Well as we were talking Muffin ask her mom if she liked to spend some time with us. After some gentle prodding Flo agreed and she's going to be with us for the next 2 weeks. This is an awesome blessing because Muffin and I are scheduled to house sit for some friends next week and we were wondering how we were going to work things out with my mom. My mom is 72 and while her mind is sharp, she does have some health problems and leaving her alone for that long of a stretch is not something we like to do. I have to say that I am blessed to have married into an awesome family, I get along well with all my in-laws and they have never made me feel like anything less than part of the family. Well there was the first time we meet, but that was Muffin's fault!!!


jewlsntexas said...

Hey Big D!
I am so glad you caught us up - and that Shasta will have her mom for a couple of weeks!

I have something to say to you however, about homonyms - two words actually
here and hear
threw and through -
Find 'em! :)
Just kidding - it's not high school english - but I was so shocked - you are usually such an impeccable writer! Shame.

jewlsntexas said...

ha ha!
but nobody expects ME to write as well as you! you threw that threw back in there again too didn'tcha?