Saturday, September 22, 2007

Song Lyric Sun...errrr Saturday

We're headed to Dover for the race tomorrow, so I'm posting early...

Got a ticket coming home,
Wish the officer had known
What a day today has been.
Then I stumbled through the door,
Dropping junk mail on the floor.
When will this day end?


Anonymous said...

No clue...

Anonymous said...

That last on was me... Tayva, lol

Big Red Driver said...

Amy Grant..real oldy. In a Little While.
Have fun at the races.

jewlsntexas said...

In a Little While by Amy Grant -
and doofus that I am I didn't read that Kate had already nailed it - so I sang the whole thing - making my kids retreat to their rooms.
Thanks for the little crazy moment.

And oh yes, Kendra is in love. Please pray.

kathie said...

I KNEW that one! I just didn't get on here in time. No fair posting it on Saturday.