Sunday, September 30, 2007

Random Stuph 09/30

Well The BIG Night was last night and what a night it was. All the bands and speakers were awesome and other than a couple of power glitches, everything went very smoothly. We had an awesome time and there were 191 youth there that weren't part of our youth group. With adults, staff, etc. there were probably 300 ppl there easily. The important thing was we had at least 20 ppl accept Jesus. So the planning for next year's has begun and I know, just like this one, it'll be more than we ever could have imagined.

A while back I posted a listing of my favorite coffee places, well I have one to add and that would be Higher Ground in Hagerstown, MD. The coffee is nothing extraordinary, but the staff is very friendly and it feels very much like home when I visit. Mom's foot doctor moved his office away from the location near Port City Java and I had to find someplace else to work from when taking her to her appointments. So I did some digging and ended up at Higher Ground. If you're ever on the dual highway swing by and pick up a cup.

Speaking of coffee, I have really been enjoying the Ethiopian Harrar Horse from Black Dog lately. It is an incredibly smooth, bold coffee and I honestly don't know if I just got a really good bag or if it's always this good. I do know that I'll definitely be trying another bag to find out :D

My Cowboys are off to a 4-0 start and it's looking more and more like they may be the real deal. The detractors say they haven't really played anyone, but I'm thinking if the teams you're playing aren't that great you should be putting a whuppin' on them. And for a team that struggled scoring points last season they sure are scoring in bunches this year. I would like to see them get things on track a little earlier in games but I can't complain.


Shasta said...

I think you need to add The Coffee Table in Frederick, Md. Their white chocolate mocha latte was awesome and the music the night we were there was sweet!! ;) I'm looking forward to going back there. Love Ya!!!