Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Don't Forget

6 years ago this morning I was nearing the end of my commute to work when the radio announcer interrupted and said a plane had hit one of the world trade center. My first thought was some private plane had somehow hit one of the towers. A few more miles down the road and the announcer said that another plane had hit the other tower. "That's Bin Laden" were some of the first words out of my mouth. The rest of the day was spent praying, watching, finding out if friends at the pentagon were ok and realizing that this was probably a defining moment for my generation. A lot has happened in the 6 years since and whether you agree with the politics or not, please don't forget all those people that perished in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and on Flight 93.


Big Red Driver said...

6 years!! Wow!! Wasn't it yesterday?

jewlsntexas said...

I was at the beach contentedly oblivious for half the day with my friend Carol.

Shasta said...

I was with children and was phoned by my boss and immediately took them outside away from the tv. The day was a gorgeous day like yesterday! Clear blue sky and just beautiful. The part that struck me is that we lived at the time 30 minutes from DC so there is always airplanes flying over and nothing. Not one single plane. Even one of the 3 year olds I was watching asked where the planes were. I pray that the families who lost loved ones that day will find their strength in the Lord! Strength to carry on their loved ones memory and legacy!