Sunday, August 12, 2007

Build It Anyway...

So the mission trip was a really awesome, humbling experience. For years I had questioned why my church seemed to do some much for missions around the country and the world and didn't do more locally. I mean the needs there couldn't be that much greater than the needs here right? Well going to McDowell County last week was an incredibly eye opening experience. The need there is far greater than anything you can really put into words. I worked on houses that, quite honestly, if they were in my home town or county would have been condemned and bull dozed long ago. On the drive into the area I was amazed at the number of what appeared to abandoned houses. After working on three houses I'm fairly sure that a lot of them weren't abandoned and we're actually homes to some people. We were able to work on three homes and I questioned if it was actually worth it? Because even with the work we did, the houses might not be habitable in a year or two. So why bother? Then when my pastor did the slide show for our church this morning, the song he chose was Martina McBride's Anyway. And it hit me that anything we do in faith and out of service to our Lord is not in vain. Not that the week was a bummer at all, I actually had one of the best weeks of my life and got to spend time with 21 of the greatest people in the world. There are pictures here if you're interested. If you would like more information on the McDowell Mission you can click on the words and find out more and how you can help if you feel so led.

Anyway Lyrics


jewlsntexas said...

I love that song - it comes from something Mother Teresa had written on the walls of an orphanage in Calcutta - and it is sometimes attributed to her but nobody knows for sure if it was hers.
I loved the pictures - loved seeing all of you guys. It was great.
Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a great trip.

Big Red Driver said...

Nice pictures! Sounds like an awesome trip.