Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random Stuph 08/21

Congrats to jewlsntexas for getting the song lyric right.

Ok, I was watching the Gospel Music Channel today and they were doing this Hot List thing where they counted down the top 12 christian rock groups that are no longer together. And I was fine and ok with the countdown until they got to the #2 video which was Sweet Jesus by All Star United. Lisa Kimmey introduced it and said it was the band where Ian Eskelin "got his start." Well somebody didn't do their research, because 1. All Star United just released an album this year and 2. Ian was with Code of Ethics, Zero and few other bands before he formed All Star United. And any list of christian bands that are no longer together that doesn't include The Prayer Chain and Burlap to Cashmere is lacking, to say the least.

Pictures! I have posted pictures from Purple Door and of the pups on my Picasa Web.

So Purple Door was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There was a point where Pete looked at me and says 'feels like home' and we both chuckled because we have done more festivals, concerts, road trips together than we can remember and it was nice to be able to reminisce and also to share some of that with my wife and the rest of our group.

Faves definitely had to be Disciple, Leeland and Relient K. I was a bit disappointed with the sets by Anberlin and Spoken but it had more to do with the really bad sound mix that both bands got rather than them having bad performances. I was also disappointed to find out that One Truth will be shutting down in early 2008. And they claim it's for no other reason than "it's time." They seem to be good folks and to have their hearts in the right place and I pray the best for them. I was also blown away by the art work of Eric Paul Timm and the folks at nooneunderground. It's thought provoking art that will bring you to a place of worship if you let it. It was also nice to see the different band members out mingling with the crowd. We even saw Aaron from mewithoutYou with a circle of festival goers around and he was just sharing Jesus with them, which is what it should always be about.


jewlsntexas said...

I am so glad it was such a great time. It looks like you wore those yoots out!
We got to see Leeland - evidently there was some sort of Beaumont connection, and they did a free concert this winter in our area.
We are really really looking forward to Casting Crowns in October!

Shasta said...

So sorry about some of the band photos from purple door I wanted to edit them before posting. Oh well, squint, squint!!

Kathie said...

WOW! I haven't checked your blog out in quite awhile and while I was gone it exploded with entries!! I'm glad to see you writing. Helps me keep connected since I become hermit like and don't come up for air for days on end.

Kathie said...

PS Love the pictures. There is one of my girl that turned out really good.