Friday, August 17, 2007

Random Stuph 08/17

Went to the coffee shop yesterday and the barista wrote "Cafe Olay" on my cup instead of Cafe Au Lait. No worries though, it tasted great and my tongue doesn't have any more wrinkles LOL.

We're off with the youth to Purple Door this weekend, which I'm really looking forward to. My boy Pete and I have done Purple Door several times going back to the very first one in the mid 90's and it's always a great time. It's a Christian festival but it definitely has a more eclectic and alternative bent to it. It's definitely a chance to see that the body of Christ doesn't always look like the people you go to church with every Sunday.

Aslan and Lilybet are here and they have made themselves right at home. Aslan is all boy and he loves to play. He's also seems to think everything in the house is a chew toy. Lilybet is definitely a cuddler, she loves to play but is just as happy snuggled up with one of us.

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jewlsntexas said...

The Purple Door!!! I know Tayva is excited. Wish I could go too - but I have my eyes for now on Casting Crowns in October! Woo hoo!
And the body of Christ is definitely not just the "churchy" types - and kids do need to see that. I doubt most of the people we read about in the Bible would fit in our modern day churches.
I am so glad about your new babies!
Your posts are always about so many things ! Wow.
And about the java - at least it was Cafe Ole! Might had jalapenos in there.

Big Red Driver said...

Enjoy!! Wish I was going.