Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Tis the season

Oh Sweet, Marshmallowey Goodness!!!

They're not just for Easter anymore!!!

Well it's getting close to Christmas and I tend to turn into a Scrooge at Christmas. It just seems that it's so easy to get caught up and disheartened by the need to buy presents, decorate, etc. that I sometimes let myself completely miss out what the reason for the whole deal. I was with my youth group the other night and a question was asked about adoption and what the bible says about it. The bible is full of stories of adoption, from Moses being adopted by Pharaoh's daughter to Jesus being adopted by Joseph to God adopting us into his family. I realized that night, that for all the reasons I don't like Christmas, the reason I REALLY like Christmas is because God chose to adopt me and Christmas was the first part of that process. My friends are going through the process of adopting from overseas right now and I've watched as they've had up, downs, delays, etc with getting the process completed. But everyday they are 24 hours closer to bringing Eli home. And with all the hubbub, etc that Christmas brings, the hope that Christmas brings is that for the believer, each Christmas we are 1 year closer to God bringing us home and that will be better than any decoration, present, dinner, etc. Even better than PEEPS!!


jewlsntexas said...

Great post - a lot more the Dwayne I know and love than usual!
However, I must say - I HATE Peeps outside of Easter - the name Peep indicates a "chick" - not a gingerbread man, or a heart, or even a bunny - but a CHICK!
This time of the year, I'll take my marshmallows floating in a steaming cup'a hot chocolate.
Take that gingerbread boy!

It's just wrong.
I'm sorry - I think it may even be against my religion.
I've even seen marshmallow crosses for crying out loud. I refuse to go there.

Big Red Driver said...

I even hate Easter peeps. And I'm with Julie....write like this more often!

Jamison C. Jennings said...

uhhh, peeps, gross...they are straight from the pit of hell. Just looking at the picture turned my stomach. Makes me want to scream, "LOOK DWAYNE, ICICLE LIGHTS!!!"

Shasta said...
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Shasta said...

*shudders* I don't like peeps either, it's a complete texture thing with me. Enjoy them tho, I know you love em! *shudders again*