Sunday, February 18, 2007


Those of you who know me well know that I am a sports nut, and that I root for the Yankees, Cowboys and for Mark Martin with a passion. Well today's Daytona 500 broke my heart. I thought Mark had won the race that had eluded for sooo long and I was sure when cars started crashing again on the last lap NASCAR would do the right thing, throw the yellow and Mark would get the win. Well once again, NASCAR left me baffled with their inconsistency. No disrespect to Kevin Harvick either, I'm certainly not a fan of his but he made an awesome run to get up there and my hat is off to him. As with my previous post though, it seems as though NASCAR will continue to interpret the rules however they want to and fairness and safety will get rolled over. Oh I do hope this is Marks last season so I won't have to endure their inconsistency any longer.


Kirsten said...

Keep blogging Dwayne. I like to catch up with you now and then. Even if it's just ranting about sports. You know, Steve always liked NASCAR. He said it was a good sport to watch the beginning, snooze in the middle (the sound of the cars is soothing) and then get excited about at the end!