Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

So Shasta and I go to see Underworld: Evolution last night; yes the movie is rated R and it's about vampires and lychens (werewolves). But as an adult I can make an informed decision about my viewing choices. A decision that a 2-3 year old child can't and shouldn't be making. So you guessed it, a couple of candidates for parents of the year showed up with their 2-3 y/o child at this movie!!! What were they thinking? I mean watching it yourself is fine, your adults. But to force your child to watch it is, well stupid. I can only hope that child kept them up all night (and for the next several) screaming about vampires and lychens.

How about that Super Bowl??!!! Props to the Steelers and if you're a Steelers fan enjoy your 5th ring. But what a lousy game, other than Willie Parkers run there was really nothing "Super" about it. The officiating was terrible to the point where you could make a strong argument that it actually determined the outcome of the game and that should never happen. Really can't even say much for the commercials and as for the halftime show, not even gonna start on that.

Went out to get gas after we get home from the Super Bowl party and this minivan pulls in behind me and a guy gets out and walks up to me. Mind you it's 10 o'clock at night. So this guy (Jason if memory serves) approaches me and tells me they are 250 miles from home, dead on E, haven't eaten all day and asks if I could help out. With plumbing problems and some other things I haven't had the best day so I really just wanted to get in the car and go home. Well God tends to smack me on the neck at times and this was one of those. So I helped him out with gas, got him some cash for food, told him Jesus loved him, prayed with him and away he went. I always think of Hebrews 13:2 in those situations and wonder.

i couldn’t tell you why good people suffer
i couldn’t tell you why the bad ones run free
God showers blessings
on the righteous and the wicked
i only know that that covers me
From "Why Good People Suffer" by Stavesacre


Rich said...

D: Wassup? As a parent who has qualified for the tongue-in-cheek Parent of The Year award for several straight years (my last nomination was for an episode of the "The Talk" where I told my son that alcohol lowers inhibitions - and then subsequently recommended several brands to him), I think I need to cover the other side of the argument on the movie issue. I strongly believe that overprotecting and sheltering children from all of the evils present in today's world, including the onslaught of violence and depravity in movies of every rating, does more harm than good. An open line of communication HAS to exist between parents and children to be able to discuss the differences between right and wrong, good and evil, real and make believe.. I'm not taking the side of the parents in this case. I agree that a 2 or 3 year old is way too young to see a movie like Underworld 2. However, we can hope that these parents, in the absence of good sense, took the time to explain to the child that what he saw was not real. Or else he'll wind up like me, 43 years old and I still wear a garlic necklace to ward off vampires when I take the trash out afer dark.

Julie said...

Commenting more on the comment than your post - although I really enjoyed it - but I would have to say that a two year old, no matter how much explaining you do is NOT going to fully understand what is real and not real. After years of being overly sheltering with my kids, I realized my teenagers have to be given breathing room, and lots of opportunity for discussion. I agree that communication is important - much more important than "yes" and "no" because mom and dad said so. Discernment only comes with our allowing them sometimes to make wrong choices. I agree 200% being too sheltering has as many dangers as allowing too much in too soon. This has to be a process. The truth is as parents there are lots of mistakes we make. I know some people were horrified at church that I took my son (7yo at the time) to see the Passion. I want him to know that what Jesus paid wasn't a cheap price. At the most intense moments I covered his eyes, but it was important to me for him to see it. Underworld would be a different story.
Your experience at the gas station was wow! Travis and I have encountered several situations like that. Glad you didn't walk away - you'd be feeling sick about it today if you had.

jblieu said...

Hi Dwayne,
Welcome to the very adddicting world of Blogging!