Thursday, February 09, 2006


If it hasn't been one thing it's been the other this week. First the plumbing problems, then the flu and tonight I end up laying into the kids I teach at church. Not that they're bad kids necessarily it's just that they don't seem to understand that it's impolite to talk when others are talking (especially when those people are trying to teach you something) and that when an adult asks you and then tells you stop doing something you should do it. Well I had both those situations tonight and ended up sending one kid out of the class and ended up giving another heated lecture on disrespect to the entire class. The whole talking over people and general lack of respect for their teachers and each other has been an issue for some time now and they got a speech from me several weeks ago about it and they got it again tonight, both barrels. But to be honest nothing seems to be getting through. I've been teaching youth for ~15 years now and before these 2 incidents I had never had to raise my voice for anything more that to tell a group to be quiet, but that doesn't get the job done with this group. Anyway, right now I'm wondering if I'm even supposed to be teaching them at this point. We'll see.

So it's a Violet Burning evening. If you never heard of the the Violet Burning. It's a band who's driving force is a guy named Michael Pritzl. With an ever changing group of supporting players he has written and recorded some of the most beautiful, sad, uplifting and worshipful songs you'll ever hear. I listen to them a lot but it's especially fitting for the stressed out, melo-funky mood I'm in right now. I would highly recommend checking them to anybody. They are one my favorite bands ever. You can find more information at If you're in the DC area they'll be at Jammin Java in Vienna on 2/23 and you know I'll be there.

My God has rescued me
Taken my rags and made me clean
Opened my eyes so I could see
My God has rescued me
From "Clean (My God Has Rescued Me)" by The Violet Burning


jblieu said...

I believe they don't know not to talk over others because the adults have not learned that either. Look around upstairs sometimes as the preschoolers try to perform or the P&W starts a song.
Can you tell you have hit a very raw nerve?
Lightheartedly (sort-of),