Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Good stuff

Well The Violet Burning absolutely rocked. The show consisted of a lot of stuff from the new album "drop dead" but the also threw in two of my favorite older tunes "As I Am" and "Low." The thing that never ceases to amaze about Michael Pritzl's song writing is his ability to take the feelings that myself and alot of other believers have and so beautifully articulate them in a musical and lyrical way.

Also got the chance to turn some new folks on to The Violets. Buster went with me but he has seen and heard them before so he knows. But we also took his daughter Jesse, my friend Tav, his kids Tayva and Kameron (sp?) and my friend Justin. It's always nice when you can let folks in on a secret that definitely needs to be shared.

Now you may remember my friend Tav from a previous post. He's the one who came and snaked out my clogged sewer pipe a few weeks ago. Well I got the chance to repay the favor over the past couple of days by helping him get the website for his business up and running. If you're in West Virginia and you need an electrical contractor give him a shout. Check out http://www.alphaelectric.biz if you need more information. It's always nice when you get the chance to repay a kindness and I don't care what Tav says, this was wayyyyy easier than cleaning out that sewer pipe.

That's it, no rants or whining this week.

I wanna run, I wanna fall into your arms.
So, lay my head down, I wanna wake, there in your arms.
I long to view forever through the twinkling of an eye.
I long to find a song of hope and lay down by your side.
A song for all the weeping, a song for all the tears.
I'll sing for you to carry me, I'll sing One Thousand Years, I wanna run.
I wanna run, I wanna fall into your arms.

So, lay my head down, I wanna wake there, in your arms.
Yeah, you're my heart, you're my home
From "One Thousand Years" by The Violet Burning


Anonymous said...

Hey Dwayne,
I took some time to read your blog today. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the plug for Tav and Alpha. BTW you are the hero for setting that site up, it would have taken me a VERY LONG time to get it figured out.
Have you finished reading Showdown? I almost bought it the other day, but didn't. Did you like it?
Looking forward to reading more of your "stuph"

dana douglas said...

Well, I thought you'd be "blogging" more frequently! Anyway, you know me I'm not the computer geek, so Iam limited, but LEARNIN'! Hey, did you see the idiot Titans are giving crippled up, injury proned McNair $10 million for this year!1 STUUUPPIIDDD.
Anyway, love ya Bro. take care of that new wifey. Oh baby will be here in about 2 weeks or so!

Dana said...

P.S. Tav, thanks for helpin' my Bro. and Ma out, Dwayne knows 'puters! But not plumbin'!