Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a Bargain

If you know me you know I love C.S. Lewis. Well last week Shasta and I headed to the outlets in Hagerstown and of course we went by Book Warehouse. As I was browsing I found a complete unabridged Chronicles of Narnia box set. The set includes all 7 books in one volume as well as unabridged CD recordings of all the books. The CD versions are read by folks like Kenneth Branagh, Michael York, Lynn Redgrave, Patrick Stewart, etc. The retail price on the box set is $99.99, but I got it at Book Warehouse for $29.99. Shasta and I both love to read and it's something we definitely hope to pass on to CinnaBun. Growing up we didn't have TV in our house until I was in 4th grade so my entertainment was pretty much anything legible that I could lose myself in. I still love to read but now I have to make time for it and most of my reading is done before I go to bed. This usually means I get 2-3 pages read, start to doze off and after several futile attempts to recover, Muffin says "babe take your glasses off you're falling asleep." We also picked up several books that I'm excited to share with my child. A Hans Christian Andersen treasury, a family faith treasury, and of course The Curse of the Bambino (the child will know Yankee history :D). Suffice to say, I think this will be one of the parts of being a dad I'm gonna like.


Shasta said...

I love when you read to Cinnabun! Just think we'll know whether Cinnabun is a boy or girl this week. If he/she cooperates, of course. I can't wait! You are going to find that you like so many parts of being a dad!

We love you!! Go Yankees!!! Hip Hip, Jorge!!!