Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never, Ever Forget


Shasta said...

I remember watching all this video that day. I had been inside and Melissa called and told me the news. I wanted to turn the tv on immediately but was surrounded by children. I took them outside and remember looking up at the sky and thinking what a beautiful day it was. The eeriest part for me was the fact there were no planes in the air. We constantly saw planes and that day there were none nor were there any for the next few weeks. I actually didn't watch your video as I can remember it like yesterday. I mourn for the loss of so many lives and I thank the soldiers who are fighting now for our continued freedom.

Keet said...

That morning the sound of an airplane turning around overhead is what I woke up to. (the Pentagon plane or the Pennsylvania one I guess) Minutes later the reports started coming in. Same as Shasta, I don't need to watch the video, it is burned deep into my memory and I also just kept thinking that the day is too beautiful. The backdrop is all wrong for the scene. The first people I thought of were James & my brother-in-law Bobby, both supposed to be at the Pentagon & Joanne's brother, Howie who I knew was sometimes at the towers. I called Kate first and just said "Is he okay". She said yes & I hung up and started sobbing with relief & thanking God.