Sunday, September 28, 2008


It's been an interesting few days to say the least. My youth group put on the second annual The Big Night yesterday and all in all it really did turn out to be a great event. The weather threatened all day and we got a few hours of clear skies but when the skies opened, boy did they open!!! The rain was one thing, but with lightning all around us we really had to consider everyone's safety and call it about 3 hours earlier than we had planned on. We ended the night with the guys from Our City Sleeps singing "Rain Down" which was a perfect way to end things. Speaking of Our City Sleeps, if you get the chance to see them live you should go do it!!! They really are one of the best bands I've heard in a long time and genuinely nice guys to boot.

I also got some unsettling news from a friend yesterday. While it wasn't unexpected and I kind of saw it coming, it didn't make it any easier and right now I'm wondering if there's anything I could have done to prevent it. If you're familiar with the situation you'll know what I'm talking about, otherwise just call it a semi-unspoken prayer request and say a prayer cuz God will know what you're talking about.

Here's a song lyric for this week:

Cold rappin' for the King with a sting in my voice
Not condemnin' men or women, but relayin' a choice
Higher groud is the sound that I'm talkin of
Opportunity knocks through a different love
Not love like we know it, like ya love your girl
It's a love from above not of this world


Keet said...

Sorry for your sadness. You are always a blessing to my family & you & Shasta are very loved at our house. You have never left a wounded soldier behind, you always hold tight. I am thankful daily for that & I am sure you will succeed this time as well. Love & prayers.

Dana said...

D.C. Talk: Heavenbound

jblieu said...

Sorry and I am sad and conflicted (understatements) right there with you.
You probably couldn't have prevented it. God could have, but he didn't. So there must be some reason it was allowed to play out the way it did.

Angie said...

Hugs & wishes for a peaceful soul coming your way from the Zoo Crew.

Big Red Driver said...

So sad...I know.