Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Has it really been a year?

If you know me at all you know I love dogs. Especially the small, cuddle up on your lap kind. I was blessed with a one of a kind buddy named Guilo and when I had to have him put down in January 07 I really didn't think I'd ever be interested in having another pet. Well last summer we were blessed with the addition of two bundles of major cuteness. Muffin calls them our "special needs kids" because both survived really rough births and have a couple of health issues. The first pic is from the car ride home a year ago today.

Aslan has had his share of health issues, including a leaky heart valve and hernia surgery. Just this morning he was at the vet for an infected hot spot on his tail. When we first got him he was all boy and determined to be the boss, well the hernia wasn't the only thing they "fixed" with that surgery and he's not nearly as domineering as he used to be. He's very much a cuddler and still loves to play. He has the "bay" of a hound and is quick to let us know when someone is near the house. He also loves be scratched on either side of his neck and will love you forever if you do that for more than 30 seconds.

Lilybet is actually fairly healthy , but she has shown some signs of Syringomyelia. Which is a spinal fluid condition that is fairly common to the breed and other than her occasional scratching episode she seems none the worse for it. She is 6 lbs of Diva, when she first came to us, she was timid and was pretty much completely dominated by Aslan. While she is still a tad timid, but she has made it clear that if there's any dominating to be done she will do it. She rarely barks, but when she does you better listen up. She loves to be scratched on her chest just under her chin and will like you a lot if you do it for more than 30 seconds :D

I won't say they've taken Guilo's place in my heart, but I will say they've made a pretty good place of their own. The below pic was taken today. Seems they have also made themselves a pretty good place on Dad's recliner.


Anonymous said...

They are both very sweet dogs indeed.

Shasta said...

Hehe...Dwayne left out that how much Lilybet loves to bounce and just loves her pink lamb. She throws this pink stuffed lamb around the living room while Aslan just looks on. He occasionally will get down and play with them but he'd much rather be curled up on your lap. Oh how I love, love, love them. Especially when greeted at the door when I come home from work. She also is trying to figure out AlleyRose my moms cat. They so want to play together but just don't know how other than chase each other up and down the hall.

Angie said...

GREAT pictures! WOW. Time flies, doesn't it? Darling little pumpkins.

Keet said...

Beauties, both of them.