Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just a little something

OK, first of all. There is currently NO CONTEST associated with Song Lyric Sunday. I know I had posted previously that there would be a contest in July but that hasn't worked out. I still plan to do one and when it happens, trust me you will know!

So over the past week I have been asked for my input on a couple of conflict situations that involve some very good friends. For some reason I seem to be one of those people that both sides of argument come to for advice. I really don't understand it either, because I'm not the type of person that's going to tell you that you're right just cause you're my friend and you want to hear it. In fact I tend to be blunt and will tell you if I think you're wrong. Both situations recently involved long term friendships that were being affected by miscommunication and/or things that had been left unsaid. I'm not gonna share details, because if you weren't involved, it's not any of your business. I will say that feelings have been aired, tears have been shed and both situations seem to be on their way to a resolution.

I posted a poem a while back about someone that had really disappointed me. Again I'm not gonna post the sordid details but I will say that God has been faithful and He has done an incredible work to restore a relationship that seemed very close to being irreparable.

So tomorrow I'm flying to Nashville so I can do promise keepers this weekend with my brother. I am very excited and looking forward to a weekend away and some guy time with my bro and other Christian brothers


justjuls said...

Ah - you get a reputation for being trustworthy and people spew all over you! ha. I think it's also the broad shoulders - we know you can carry whatever we dump on ya!
Thanks for always being a friend - even when you don't say what people want to hear.

Big Red Driver said...

Why can't everybody just get along?
You are the coolest Dwayne.