Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Little bumps

So today really was a good day for mom. She got a full nights sleep last night and woke up, well, she woke up cantankerous. But I figure she's entitled to a little bit of cantankerousness (that a word?)with all she's been through. She's already had 2 physical therapy sessions and they've actually had her up on her feet. Because of the arthritis in her left leg, the rehab process is going to be a lengthy one while her right foot heals. She's going to have to learn some exercises and how to compensate for the temporary loss of the use of her right foot. Please pray for strength and encouragement for her and for all of us really. They did say today that the culture from the infection in her foot was MRSA, which can be very deadly. The doctor seemed to think he got it all and any that might be left can be cleaned up with antibiotics. The did have an infectious disease specialist come in to look at it and he's supposed to talk to her tomorrow about the duration, the meds, etc. On a bit of a lighter note; Shasta and I went out to grab a quick bite and when we came back this bed wheeled by us and Shasta said "that looked like Ruth. But no, couldn't be..." We get back to her room and she's gone. Mom, bed and all are not there. We finally looked at the white board in her room and it says X-Ray 21:10. We buzzed the nurse and she confirmed that the surgeon sent her down for X-Rays. I'm guessing it was to check and see if the infection has spread any. I did get to see the dressing change today, and not that I'm expert, but it looked cleaned and there was no sign of any yellowish drainage. And having seen how aggressive this infection was over the weekend and how quickly it spread and most importantly knowing the God who has carried her through this I am very optimistic that we are into her healing and rehab process.


jewlsntexas said...

Ha ha - imagine Miss Ruth being cantankerous! hardy har har -
I love that about her - spunky lady.

My mom was screaming the f-word and throwing things at the door as the nurses left - until they realized she needed psychiatric meds - so cantankerous is much better than psychotic.

I wanted to warn you about this - my uncle had part of his foot removed - as a diabetic he stepped on a nail he didn't feel (imagine that!) and he had a bad infection. After the partial amputation - he was a little depressed. It wasn't like him - but we were told that was a common thing with amputees. Just FYI - you might want to just be aware in case they didn't tell you.