Monday, February 18, 2008

Better Every Day

As I said previously they moved mom to Shenandoah on Friday and while her first night there was pretty pain filled, the subsequent days have been better and she seems to feeling better and doing better each time I drop in to see her. The doctors seem to have gotten the right pain medication to manage her pain effectively and I think that's gonna be the key to her being a good patient. She has said before "when I'm in pain I can be a b****" and I can only imagine how much pain having almost 1/2 your foot removed would result in. She had her first round of physical therapy this morning and she said it went really well the therapists were even impressed with how well she could move from the bed to the bedside commode. Remember I said baby steps, and the ability to do that gives her back just a bit of the freedom she has lost in the past month. I have to watch my own thoughts and mind cause there are still timea when I get this sense of dread and gloom about the whole situation but God has been sooooo faithful that there's no reason for me to doubt him. Pastor Porky preached last week about how when we have those thoughts we need to take the time to say a silent prayer for 10 or 15 people that might be struggling with the same problem. I have tried to do that and it honestly works.

Thanks to everyone who has taken time to call, visit, or send a card to mom. My friend Pam joked the other day that the home might get tired of all the visitors that mom has by the time she's released :D But I know she really enjoys the visits, so if you have time head on by and say hi, even if it's just for a few minutes.


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