Monday, November 26, 2007

The Night

The Night was this past Saturday and it went really, really well. I was concerned that with it being Thanksgiving weekend, our attendance would be way. But we actually ended up have a large crowd and if it wasn't our largest, it was certainly close to it. Our City Sleeps traveled up from Liberty University and lead worship and played some original material. I really liked them a lot and everyone else seem to like them as well. Having managed bands and booked shows periodically over the years, you never know who you'll be dealing with. It's always refreshing to see an immensely talented group come in and be humble and play great without a list of demands or thinking more highly of themselves than they should. I've dealt with really good bands that didn't know how good they are and I've dealt with really bad bands that weren't nearly as good as they thought they were. I'm happy to say that Our City Sleeps is a lot closer to the former than they are the latter. They also led worship at our regular worship service on Sunday morning and did an excellent job there as well. If you get a chance to see them you definitely should.


Big Red Driver said...

My kids enjoyed the Night. Thanks for all you have ALWAYS done with the youth....since WAY back when Kirsten and Kara were teens!!