Friday, November 16, 2007

Giving Teenagers a Good Name

First of all, Congrats to JC (again!) for getting the correct title and artist for this weeks Song Lyric Sunday Contest. And no he isn't a ringer, but he is a fairly talented musician which probably gives him a bit of an advantage.

As some of you know my mom has been having some health problems lately and has fallen several times. The problem with her falling is that she has such advanced arthritis she can't get back up on her own. So leaving her alone for any extended amount of time is not really an option. In October we had made plans to travel to Charlotte with some friends for the NASCAR race. Well mom had a fall just a few days before and I really didn't want to leave her alone for the 30 or so hours we would be gone. So I called my friend Tayva and asked her if she'd would mind house sitting with mom while we were gone. She said sure and I paid her and left her some extra cash for pizza, etc. while she was here. I was able to go to the race with my muffin and our friends and actually relax knowing that if something happened Tayva was there and would be able to help out. So last week when I showed up for church Tayva runs up to me with $15 in her hand and says 'I forgot to give this back to you.' I looked at her like I had no clue, cuz I didn't. And she said 'it's left over from when I stayed with your mom.' I said thank you and was just really amazed. It's hard for me to imagine a lot of people giving that back several weeks after the fact, let alone a 17 year old :D But I should have known better, Tayva is one of the most responsible, with it teenagers I know and I am blessed to have her as a friend. Thank you Tayva for giving teenagers a good name!!!


jewlsntexas said...

Tayva is AWESOME!
I miss that girl!

Anonymous said...

Tayva's great! And she has the best smile ever to top off the great personality.

Anonymous said...

I honestly had a lot of fun hanging out with your mom, she's a wonderful lady! (I also loved your dogs, heehee)


The proud Mamma said...

Like Tav says, God has blessed us with some AWESOME kids in spite of our flawed parenting and our mistakes. She makes me very proud.