Saturday, March 18, 2006

T.O. in Big D

Well, well, well my boy Jerry Jones went and did it. He signed the biggest ego in the league to a contract. As a Cowboys fan I'd have to say I'm cautiously optimistic about having T.O. on the team. For one thing the great Cowboy teams have always had someone who helped bring some attitude and swagger to the team. From Duane Thomas and Hollywood Henderson in the 70's to Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders in the 90's they always had a guy that you loved if you were a Cowboys fan and absolutely hated if you weren't. So we'll see how it goes. Either way I bleed silver and blue.


Peter P. Petretta said...

Wow, "my boy Jerry Jones"! I'm not sure I've heard anyone claim that kinship before!

This is the perfect match for the Jerry Jones' Cowboys and makes me wonder if I have been more of a Tom Landry fan than a Cowboys fan. the way, get your "boy" to hook us up with some tickets won't ya.


Buster (Luv Machine) said...

I always find it amazing how you can spin a turd into gold. T.O. is a complete knucklehead and there is no way that he is good for any team.

I heard that Gibbs refused to entertain the T.O.s hints towards coming to the Skins.

Once again, Gibbs has proven he can outclass Jerry Jones any day of the week.

Kameron said...

well i am glod Pittsburgh gave him to you, maybe the steelers will be better now!

D. Douglas said...

Ok, I wasn't going to say anything about the T.O. signing. However, as of yesterday, it looks like the Cowboys are trying to be the next raider nation, with the signing of Vanderjagt. In case they haven't noticed it hasn't worked for them for quite awhile now!!!! As for Pittsburgh giving him to them, Kameron buddy, as a die hard lifer Steelers fan, we all know Pittsburgh is cheap and would not have paid him anywhere near what Dallas has givin' the ego maniac. But Big Brother, I will say if anyone can straighten him out it will be Parcells.
Hey Pete, what's up? How's the married life?

How many of you watched the heartbreaker in Atlanta last night. I'm not much on B-Ball, but when it comes to the playoffs & WVU, I had to watch.