Saturday, March 25, 2006

Don't hate cuz it's dangerous

Buster, c'mon now I have all the respect in the world for Joe Gibbs but don't come to me saying he "refused to entertain" thoughts of signing T.O. This IS the man who hired and still has that paragon of class and sportsmanship Tony Stewart driving for his NASCAR team. I suspect it had more to do with the Redskins not having enough cap room to afford T.O. than Gibbs taking any kind of moral stance.

Kameron, Although it would have been fun to see T.O. on a Cowher coached ; my brother's right abiyt the fact that the Steelers just don't spend money on free agents. Which is fine cause they seem to do well season in and season out with what they have so more power to 'em.

And Dana my heart does break for WVU, but honestly they played their hearts out and that's the way it goes some times.

Now let's talk politics. I make no secret about the fact that I'm a conservative and yes I voted for Bush both times. And I've sat back and listened to his detractors whine about how there were no weapons of mass destruction and that we attacked based on faulty intelligence. Well now it seems that a tapes of Saddam, Tariq Azeez and other members of Hussein's cabinet pretty much laughing about their weapons of mass destruction and the fact that they are able to conceal them from UN inspectors. So the maybe that intelligence wasn't so faulty after all.