Monday, August 23, 2010

The world is changing, I feel it in the earth...

So I started working from home in November 2003, and the entire time I've had one family member or another in the house with me pretty regularly. The exception being the first part of 2008 when Mom took ill and passed away. Well today, Shasta started back to work and Mac went to Aunt Sue and Uncle Steve's and it seems as though it'll be just me and the dogs during the day from here on out. I've gotten several calls and texts about how I'm doing and it's actually not bad. I do notice the lack of sound from outside my office. Particularly Mac crawling up to my closed door and yelling "Dadadadadada" while I'm talking to a customer. And I can actually leave my door open without having to worry about him crawling into the most unchildproof place on the planet. It's an adjustment but a necessary one and one that I think our family will be better for. I am extremely grateful to have been able to work and be home with Mac during the first months of his life and the time spent as a family has been great for all of us. The change is gonna be interesting, a good change I think but none the less interesting.

Here's a pic of Mac when I dropped him off this morning. Aunt Sue and Uncle Steve are already spoiling him, notice the new bouncie they got for him. Which he loves by the way!!!


Dawn said...

Cool to work at home, both with and without people. At least the dogs don't talk. And hopefully don't chew on cords!!

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Online Shopping for Cool Gadgets said...

Mac is so adorable. How I wish that my future baby will be like him, lol. You're so lucky!

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