Tuesday, August 04, 2009

So Long, Babygirl

When I first met you, you were 4 months old and weighed probably 3 lbs which was small even for a Cavalier pup. You were the result of an accidental breeding and by all accounts shouldn't have survived at all. You mother was too young to breed, and as a result her milk dried up and the rest of your litter died. Thanks to an angel named Melissa who bottle fed you for 12 weeks you survived. You were a fighter even then who had her own way of doing things. When Melissa ask us to house sit for her, we met you and your "brother" Aslan and immediately fell in love with you both. 2 weeks later we picked the two of you up and brought you home. You fit right into the house and soon every one who met you was falling in love with you. Yesterday morning you couldn't even stand up and I took you see Dr. A. Dr. A called me with worry in her voice and said you weren't good, they tried some steroids and took some blood with the hopes that when we got the results this morning we'd know what was wrong and how to treat it. When we prayed last night we placed your life in the hands of the God that created you and allowed us to have you, knowing that in all things His ways are best. Dr. A called this morning and said you didn't make it through the night and now my heart is heavy but I am so grateful for the time I had with you. There are so many things I will miss. I'll miss the fact that at 8 lbs you were still "puppy" size. The way you hardly ever barked, I think in the 2 years we had you I recall you barking maybe 5 times. The way you would always take your food out of the bowl and put it on the floor, making sure Aslan got some too. The way you immediately cuddled up with Muffin or myself when a strange person or animal came near. How right after we found out Muffin was expecting your changed your habit of sleeping on the foot rest between her legs to sleeping on her tummy as if you knew there was a little life growing inside her. And I'm really sorry you won't be around to meet McKinley, because I know you would have had a special relationship. I'll miss your "seal fights" with Aslan and how you used to chase him to the point where he would just lay down in the floor and give up. I'll miss watching you snuggle up with Grandma Flo. I'll miss how our godson Paulie named you "nutter one." But I think most of all I'll miss the "kisses" that you so rarely gave to anyone. The fact is I just miss you, a ton, already. Say hi to Mom, Dad and Guilo for me babygirl. And don't be snooty, give them a kiss :D