Sunday, March 15, 2009

My home-in-law

We made it to Oklahoma and the drive took us just about 24 hours. It wasn't really a bad drive, any further night have been an issue but with Shasta and I switching off driving, good music, XM and several 5 hour energy shots we made good time and hit almost no traffic. Many thanks to all of you who prayed before, during and after our travel.

We got to see my nephew Johnathon play 2 basketball games and for being a third grader he seems to be developing quite a nice jump shot. We also took John and his brother Justin out for the birthdays. After some shopping Braums was next for good burgers. If you're not from Oklahoma Braums is a family owned chain of restaurants/stores that has some of the best burgers, hot dogs and ice cream you'll find. All their beef and dairy products still come from the family farms and in order to maintain freshness they don't open any franchises outside of a 300 mile radius from the main farm in Tuttle, OK. If you're ever out this way and see a Braums sign, I would highly recommend stopping.

Yesterday afternoon we visited with Shasta's Grandma Baker and her Great-Grandma Leecy. Leecy will be 98 in July and while her body is starting to show signs of age her mind is still sharp and she loves to visit and talk. We walked into the house and both of them were sleeping in their chairs but once awoken they were anxious to hug on our necks and talk about just about everything you can imagine. At one point Shasta pointed out that there was 5 generations sitting in the room, which was very cool to think about. Here I was sitting with Great-Grandma Leecy, Grandma Baker, Grandma Bakers Daughter Flo, Flo's daughters Shasta and Angela, and Angela's sons Johnathon and Justin. They really are a great family and from the beginning have made me feel like I fit right in. As you can see we've had a pretty packed trip so far and it's just getting started.


Samantha said...

What a blessing to have an extended family that you can enjoy and love and know they feel the same about you! Treasure it! (We miss you, though! Saw Steve at Chapel yesterday. That was GREAT!)

Dawn said...

Are you SURE you want to fit in with that crew? :)

Shelley said...

We're so glad to have you in the family. Shasta is a blessing and bringing you into the family with her was another great blessing. I'm glad you're enjoying visiting the Grandmas and the Great-Aunts, Uncles, nephews and in-laws. We have such a wonderful family. Sorry we didn't get over to see you guys. The 90 mile trip just didn't come together this week. I'm praying for your trip home on Sunday.