Sunday, February 08, 2009

Song Lyric Sunday Contest Week 2 - Sponsored by Black Dog Coffee

So Dana got last weeks, which means he's in the lead right now. Please make sure you read over the rules before posting an answer.

The drinks were two for one
Inside the crowded bars
The girls would make their run
Out on the boulevard

1. Song choices will be made by me
2. Contest will start on Sunday, February 1 (today) and run for 5 weeks (just cause there's less chance of a tie that way)
3. Lyrics will be posted sometime between 4 pm - Midnight (ET) each Sunday
4. The first person to post Song Title and Artist will be that weeks winner. Unless I specify otherwise any artist who recorded the song is acceptable, but I have to be able to verify it. Just because your friends garage band plays it live or recorded it on their demo in 1983 doesn't mean I'll accept it.
5. No googling (or otherwise searching the internet) for the answers. You folks will have to be on your honor for this one, but I trust ya.
6. I will turn on comment moderation and if I suspect you have googled the lyrics I may disallow your answer.
7. In the case of disputed lyrics, the blogmaster (ME) will be make the final decision.
8. The winner will receive a prize package from Black Dog Coffee that will include some coffee, a custom mug and a cafe au lait candle.
9. I do import my posts onto my facebook page. For your answer to count it most be posted as a comment on THIS BLOG and not on my facebook. If you post it as a comment on my facebook and somebody sneaks your answer all I can say is too bad.


Dana said...

Almost forgot about the contest and when I remembered I just knew someone had already gotten it.
Micheal W. Smith; Rocketown

Angie said...

How did I know you'd beat me to it? I knew it was MWS, the song title was eluding me and I kept hoping it would come to me...Good job, Dana!!