Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A cord of 3 strands...

Today is my parents 40th wedding anniversary. It almost slipped by me but I happened to be looking at the date on a piece of mail and it caused me stop for a second. Dad passed in 1986 and Mom passed last March so for the first time in 23 years they are actually celebrating their anniversary together.

This is actually, I think, the oldest picture I have of them. It's from November 1969 and the baby that mom is holding is me. I'm sleeping, which according to Mom I did a lot of. She used to say that she had to wake me up to feed me. Well that wasn't a problem for long I assure you.

This is a family portrait from the mid to late 70's. Note Mom's beehive, length of her hair and lack of make up. All of those were requirements of the church we were attending at the time. You'll also note how much I (that's me on the right standing beside her) look like my mother and how much my Dad and my brother Dana favor each other.

The last one is from Christmas 1980 and it's not the best photo but I just love the memory it brings and look on Mom and Dad's faces. We never had a lot of money for Christmas but it was special day to them both and they really went out of their way to make it as special as possible for Dana and I.


Shasta said...

Thank you for sharing those tid-bits into your life. I love the family portrait! It captures you all so well. I miss my Naomi and know that someday I'll share in that reunion!!

Love you!!

Dawn said...

What a sweet post. I love hearing about other people's past.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures.
Who would have thought that you were such a tiny little baby. And so sleepy, I guess because you hadn't discovered coffee yet.