Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't Give Up

So yesterday I had the privilege of preaching for the second time. In the weeks leading up to the sermon I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to speak on humility. Well by the Tuesday before the sermon God had made it pretty clear that I was supposed preach on something entirely different. I used the internet as my concordance and found an outline, some illustrations and with some help from my friend J.C. found a video clip that illustrated exactly what I was trying to say. I honestly had my doubts going in, but even before I had spoken a word, it was clear to me that what I was going to say was what a lot of people (myself included) needed to hear. The sermon is called Don't Give Up and is based on Luke 18:1-8. Don't stop the video after I stop speaking or you'll miss the video clip.

As I stated in my previous post the band Our City Sleeps was in town for The Big Night - Take Two and had agreed to bless us by leading worship. After talking with their lead singer Shaun we decided to have them do a cover of The Glorious Unseen's "Hear Our Prayers" as an invitation which was right in line with the message I gave. The invitation itself didn't make the video so I have also posted a copy of the The Glorious Unseen's video for the song below, I really encourage you to watch it and listen to the words.

Lastly I will say that this message for me was one I've lived, especially this past year. It was not necessarily one I wanted to preach, but I needed to. I needed to know that we can't give up in our prayer life. I needed to know that Jesus doesn't give us that option. I needed to know that my God is faithful, even when I am faithless and I needed to know that he always keeps his promises. I hope the message meets you were you are and you find some encouragement from it.

For those that are interested the scripture I used was Luke 18:1-8 and the points are listed below:

1. Don’t Give Up There Is Too Much At Stake (verses 1-2)
2. Don’t Give Up When Circumstances Seem to Be Against You (verse 3)
3. Don’t Give Up the Answer May Be Just Around the Corner. (verses 4-5)
4. Don’t Give up God is Working Out the Answer (verses 7-8)
5. Don’t Give Up Jesus Always Keeps His Promises (verse 8)


Shasta said...

could you post your points and the scriptures that go with them? or email them to me?

God met me while reading your sermon Sunday before we left and I think was working on me all morning and still is.

I am so thankful you headed his leading and changed your sermon topic.

Love you!!

Shasta said...

oh and I love the song. I need to put it and a few others on a cd.

justjuls said...

Loved it -
so much to process.
Perseverance is a character trait and fruit of the spirit that eludes me.
Thanks for the words spoken from a true heart.
More later.