Saturday, October 11, 2008

Artist Of The Moment

I tend to listen to a lot of bands/artists that are not exactly mainstream. They're good but for various reason you're not likely to hear them on the radio or MTV. So to give you all a feel for some of them I'm going to start featuring a different "artist of the moment" in my playlist widget. It's over there <----. Just click the play button on the widget and give a listen. Feel free to leave comments with your opinions. The first artist is Anberlin. They've been around for several years and have developed into one of my favorite bands for the fact that they do rock oh so hard. Anyway enjoy and, you never know, it may help you with a Song Lyric Sunday down the road.


Shasta said...

I love this group as well! I have the cd in my car unless you've removed it. I like them because their not so hard you can't understand what they're saying and they've still got the rock vibe.