Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Every Breath You Take

Yes I know it was easy. I actually got the idea to use it when I was watching Nashville Star last Monday night and one of the contestants did a pretty decent version of it. Speaking of Nashville Star, last nights episode had to be one of the worst episodes of reality music television evah!!! But I digress. Hearing "Every Breath You Take" reminded me that when the song was a hit, back in the 80's I always thought Sting was singing "I'm a pool hall ace" and not "How my poor heart aches." Go ahead and laugh, we all have songs we're the lyrics sound like something completely nonsensical. You know you do. Feel free to leave comments with some of your own :D


jewlsntexas said...

Kendra used to sing a song at the chapel that said "Now today you reign in heaven and earth, exalted" like this: Now today you reign in heaven and earth, exhausted!
It cracked me up!

Kathie said...

When I was small, like Kylee, I used to sing Mary had a Little Lamb its fleas were white as snow. It took me awhile to figure out why my siblings laughed at me.


I know I had others, I just can't remember them now.

Angie said...

My favorite is actually one from my mom, who could never figure out why the Bee Gees were singing about "a bald-headed woman". My dad and I could hardly breathe while trying to explain that it was "More than a Woman"....

Then there's Katie, who thought that Martina McBride was singing about "throwing panties on the mountain of truth" rather than "throwing pennies in the fountain of youth." Kids.