Thursday, March 06, 2008

Various and Sundry Items

Ok, well Mom is doing well. She is really anxious to get home, but she still has a way to go with her rehab and it's probably gonna be a few more weeks. So pray that she'll be able to relax and trust God's timing through this whole process.

Just got done watching Idol and for the most part I think the top 12 are the right ones. For some reason I haven't found one contestant that I really like this season, maybe once we get to the real competition that'll change.

So we've started watching New Amsterdam which so far is a very interesting series. The plot is that the main character is over 400 years old and was saved by some Indians using a spell that will keep him alive tell he finds his one true love. No, it isn't some sappy soap opera love drama thing. It's actually more of a crime drama. Although if you're going to watch I would recommend starting soon, it's the kind of series that is probably gonna be hard to start 5 or 10 episodes into it.


Shasta said...

I'm liking the dread locks guy, Jason Castro! And I like Amanda the rocker chick and the Irish girl. Oh and the guy with the Austrailian accent.

I like Amsterdam and agree that it's not some sappy soap opera action show like "24".. LOL! JK!