Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr. Grease and Wrenches

There's a reason God gave me the ability to work with computers and steered me away from the automotive field. Hehehe, well this morning I went out to start my car and nothing, no lights, nada. Even with my limited automobile knowledge I was able to narrow it down to two things, the battery or the alternator. So after 2 calls to the autoclub to have them jumpstart it, (The first one worked fine, but some dummy (me) turned the car off before going to AutoZone to have the battery tested.) I headed off to AutoZone to see if this was a little problem (the battery) or a big one (the alternator). So I get to AutoZone and Sarah helps me. Sarah is very knowledgeable and knows her way around cars. The problem is she about as big as a twig and I'm 6'2" and have been told I resemble a biker. So picture if you will this tiny woman (with gold painted fingernails) under the hood of my car, testing the battery and telling 6'2" biker looking me what's wrong. I justed nodded and pretended I knew what she was talking about. Well it was just a dead battery. Apparently they do that after, ohhh say, 5 years :D. So I bought a new one and set to changing it in the parking lot. And oh yes, I did it, all by myself. I even have a finger that is missing some skin because I couldn't get the stupid bracket that holds the the battery in place to turn without pushing really, really, REALLY hard. So when you combine this with my alternator changing experience from last summer, I think I'm ready to open my own shop. We'll just do batteries and alternators, and I'm sure I'll make millions :D


jewlsntexas said...

Do all your posts HAVE to have visuals? Could you not have just TOLD us that you hurt your finger.
That is sad! I had to replace my battery at AutoZone in Martinsburg last time I was in WV - and I didn't need much help! AND I knew not to turn my car off when I went into the store.
You big lug! Good thing we love you anyway!
Tell the Mrs. and the MOM hi!

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna be at church tonight? My car is making a weird sound...