Saturday, June 17, 2006

A blogging we will go...

I am such a slackah. Haven't really had time over the past couple weeks to blog but I figured I'd put a quick one up. Sp how bout that World Cup? Yeah I'm about as excited about it as I was about the World Baseball Classic and the Olympics. I know, I know, it's the most popular sport in the world and the rest of the world stops every 4 years to watch it. Ok, great, good for them my question is...What channel are the Yankees on? Baseball and Football (American) are my national past times and judging from the US teams (apparently they are, or were, the 5th ranked team in the world) game against the Czech Republic (yes I did watch) all those of years of AYSO, youth leagues, and all the money and time spent to graft soccer into the American culture, we still seem to be a step behind the rest of the world. And they get to play Italy today, so there's a real good chance they'll be 0-2 and won't make it to the round of 16.

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